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DOT Exams in St. Louis


Dr. Brady Williams is a Certified Medical Examiner for the NRCME and provides DOT physical examinations and other Occupational Health services in St. Louis. City Chiropractic provides a comfortable option for drivers who require certification to drive by the FMCSA.


What to Expect During Your DOT Exam

Dr. Williams will perform your examination as required by FMCSA DOT Law for a commercial driver’s license. Your medical history will be reviewed, and you will be asked to list any over the counter and prescription drugs you currently take. Please bring in any current prescriptions you may have from your healthcare provider. Dr. Williams will also perform the following tests, and others if needed.

Blood pressure test

Vision test

Eye, throat, mouth, and ear examination

Auscultation of the heart and lungs

Spine and Range of Motion Examination

Neurological examination

Abdominal Examination


After the physical examination is complete, Dr. Williams will discuss any medical condition from your past and current medical conditions, which could affect your ability to drive. Based on your past and current history, as well as the findings on the physical examination, Dr. Williams will determine the certification period and issue a Medical Examiner’s Certificate.

If the certified medical examiner determines that you meet the criteria for a medical certification without limitations, you will be issued a medical certificate for two years.

The certification period is determined by FMCSA DOT criteria based on your past and current medical history, as well as current physical findings on your examination and you may qualify for a certification period of less than two years.

If you wear corrective lenses, and you pass the vision portion of the exam, the medical examiner will issue you a Medical Certification to drive with a corrective lens indicated.

Dr. Williams will give you every opportunity to take corrective action in order that you may be given a temporary CDL license. If current physical findings indicate, you have serious medical issues and you need medical attention your certified medical examiner will make appropriate recommendations for you to see a Physician and return for a follow up.

Please Bring the Following items to your appointment

All drivers
Complete list of ALL medications, including the doses and your prescribing doctor.

Drivers who have high blood pressure
Avoid caffeine and make sure you are taking your medications as prescribed.

Drivers who require eyeglasses, contact lenses, or hearing aids
Bring your glasses, contacts, or hearing aids.

Drivers who have diabetes
Bring the most recent results of a lab test called a Hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C) and your blood sugar logs, or other records related to your diabetes.

Drivers who have nighttime sleep disturbance (sleep apnea) and use a CPAP
Bring a reading from your machine documenting your proper use of the machine; a letter from your sleep specialist may also be required.
90 days of data is the minimum requirement. Please bring a paper printout.

Drivers who have heart-related issues, (including the use of stent, valve replacement, pacemaker, open-heart surgery, cardiac bypass surgery, or heart attack)
At minimum, bring a letter from your cardiologist (heart specialist) that outlines your medical history and current medications and indicates you are safe to drive a DOT vehicle.
You may also need to bring the results of a recent stress test, ECHO cardiogram, or other testing completed.

Drivers who have suffered a stroke, a brain tumor, seizure disorder, or bleeding in the brain
Bring a letter from your neurologist (brain and nerve specialist) that outlines your medical history, current medications, and current neurologic and psychiatric state.

Drivers who have experienced the permanent loss of use in an arm or a leg
You may need a Skilled Performance Examination to qualify for your DOT card.

Drivers who are taking any medications that may cause sedation or sleepiness or controlled substances (includes narcotics, sleeping pills, anxiety medication, ADHD medication)
A note and medical records from your treating physician regarding the safety of driving a DOT vehicle while using these medications.

Drivers who are taking the blood thinner Coumadin (Warfarin)
Bring a recent INR (blood level and clearance) letter from your doctor.

The DOT physical exam requirements do not include a drug test.